DragonFly operate Beech Super King Air 200 twin engined turboprop aircraft. The aircraft are pressurised, enabling them to fly at heights up to 29,000ft well above inclement weather, ensuring the smoothest possible flights. The aircraft are equipped with weather radar and the latest satellite navigation system.

The combination of jet engines driving propellers endows the aircraft with excellent cruise performance as well as impressive short- field landing and take-off characteristics. This enables the aircraft to land and take off at most of the hundreds of airfields within the UK and Europe that possess the landing and safety aids required for commercial operation.

The Beech King Air is not only sophisticated, fast and comfortable, but also rugged and well- proven. It is versatile and flexible and ideally suited to the requirements of executive / VIP passenger operation in the classic Beech 7 or 8-seat configuration, which when necessary can be adapted easily for light cargo and air ambulance flights.

The aircraft cruises at speeds of over 300 mph bringing most of the British Isles and the European capitals of Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels within reach in just over an hour's flying time. The maximum range without refuelling is 1200 miles. With 4 persons on board, and baggage of 20kg each, the aircraft can travel 950 miles before a fuel stop. This enables us to fly non-stop from Cardiff to Palma in 2 hours 50 minutes.