Although primarily aimed at the business market, DragonFly is of equal benefit to private individuals who wish to travel without the frustration of long car journeys or the hassle of airports.

Executive Air travel scores heavily, even over scheduled air services, by avoiding lengthy check-ins and enabling clients to be airborne within minutes of arrival at their point of departure.

DragonFly has its own passenger handling facilities on the Southside of Cardiff International where car parking is freely available. The aircraft are configured in classic Beech style with 7 or 8 seats but are most comfortably operated with 5/6 passengers on board. We provide complimentary refreshments and can provide whatever additional catering clients may require.

Destinations within the UK and Europe are within easy reach and in most instances it is possible to make a return trip, or land at multiple destinations and return home within the same day. Whereas DragonFly is based at Cardiff it can of course be positioned to the departure airfield / airport of the client's choice.

With several hundred airfields in the UK alone, and thanks to the turbo-props advantage over pure jets in having excellent short- field landing abilities, it is possible to take off from and land somewhere close to the client's business destination.

DragonFly charges most competitive rates that are calculated with reference to the actual flight time involved. Clients do not pay for the time the aircraft waits on the ground for their return, (except where the client requires an overnight stay when parking and crew accommodation and subsistence will be included in the price). Our computer systems enable us to provide clients with fixed quotations by return for specific journeys. We can arrange ground transportation in the form of taxis, chauffeurs and hire cars, and can also arrange hotel and restaurant reservations.