Fly wherever and whenever you wish at times to suit yourself!

DragonFly can take you from your nearest airport or airfield directly to your chosen destination anywhere in the UK and Western Europe.

Whether flying to a business meeting unachievable using scheduled flights, or to a relaxing weekend at a European Capital, DragonFly can whisk you there effortlessly, in comfort and safety, making air travel a pleasure and not a pain!

United Kingdom

DragonFlys aircraft are not confined to major regional airports but can take off from, and land at, any licensed airfield that has a 1,000 metre hard runway. Our aircraft and crew are equally at home at major airports such as London City or Heathrow as at remote airfields in the Outer Hebrides!

The performance and versatility of the King Air is such that nowhere in the British Isles is far or out of reach.

Cross-country journeys such as Cardiff to Norwich, which may take 5 or 6 hours by road or rail will take only 45 minutes by air, so that a meeting that would involve two days travelling and the cost of an overnight stay can be accomplished between breakfast and lunch!

With road or rail journeys between North and South Wales taking 4 or 5 hours, the ability to make the journey within 40 minutes make air travel the obvious choice, particularly for those who seek to make a return journey in the same day. Flights in the King Air take approximately 40 minutes to RAF Valley. It is difficult to think of a better way to travel.


With its impressive jet prop performance and a range in excess of 1200 miles the whole of Europe is easily accessible. Popular business and leisure destinations such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam are no more than 75-80 minutes away. Northern Spain and the South of France can be reached in two and a half hours. With a stop to refuel and to stretch your legs, you can comfortably contemplate longer journeys say to Southern Spain, Italy or Greece.

Check-in-time, even on Continental flights is minimal because of dedicated terminals and advance Customs and Immigration clearance.