If you are thinking of buying an aircraft or already own one, DragonFly is able to manage this on your behalf and may be able to operate it as part of its fleet.

DragonFly takes pride in its professionalism and dedication to providing the best possible service to clients. We apply these principles not only to our commercial charters, but also to the manner in which we manage aircraft on behalf of other owners who, can be assured that they may rely on the highest standards of honesty and integrity from those to whom they entrust their valuable asset.

DragonFly can provide experienced and responsible crew, flight-planning, insurance, hangarage and everything required to support and operate your aircraft. We provide such support on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year.

Should you elect to make your aircraft made available for commercial charter, and thereby recover a substantial contribution to the cost of ownership, DragonFly will be able to secure revenue by treating the aircraft as an integral member of the DragonFly fleet.

Each such arrangement is unique and a matter of individual discussion to ensure that the management contract is tailored precisely to satisfy the owners requirements.