March 2013

Following six years of charter operation, G-MEGN DragonFly's Beech KingAir B200SE has been restored to her original pristine condition inside and out.

In an 8 week overhaul the aircraft was stripped to bare metal before being repainted in DragonFly's elegant livery whilst the spacious 6-place cabin's light beige interior was fully refreshed by re-upholstery of the seats and new carpet.

The splendid results are shown in the accompanying photograph.


February 2013

Demonstrating very effectively the performance and range of its new Blackhawk-engines DragonFlys Super KingAir 200 G-BVMA powered 2 passengers directly from Cardiff to Gibraltar, a distance of 920 nautical miles, in under 3.5 hours.

The minimum check-in time and the ability of the passengers to choose departure times to suit themselves enabled a return journey to be accomplished in one working day, a trip that would have been unthinkable by scheduled air transport.


2012 saw the upgrade of G-BVMA with two factory-new PT6A-61 Blackawk engines, fitted by Hawker Beechcraft Chester.

The jet engines have a larger, improved gas generator so they run cooler and more efficiently providing increased power at altitude. The upgrade has radically improved the performance, increased climb and cruise speeds with impressive short-field take-off and landing capability.

The uprated engines have exceeded performance expectations and enable DragonFlys clients to benefit from reduced journey times whilst enjoying the comfort and reliability that is the hallmark of the KingAir.